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of stocks like apple. so, i like technology. that's sweeping up a lot of stocks. for instance, qualcomm, one of the biggest leaders, provides all the chip sets for these smart phones. but i also like a stock like starbucks and ralph lauren. different spectrums, but very profitable companies. so the theme for me is concentration. stick with the winners, stick with large-cap u.s. growth. > > go with america is your theme. > > absolutely, because i think the world is really going to be watching these election results, and what typically happens is americans get behind each other together and move forward, and i think we're going to get to a really strong finish for the year. > > that's a very positive thought. i think i'll leave you right there. that's matt shapiro, president of mws capital. thank you matt. some women tend to be more charitable than men. an indiana university report on philanthropy shows baby boomer generation women and older donate more money more frequently to charity than men. analysis found that men tend to think about donating to non- profits as a "financial transaction,"
. they meet industry standards but some are calling for the best technology available to be used. >>> a desperate plea from a woman who as two cars were both equipped for wheelchairs were both stolen and now she hopes to get them back. one was a 1995 gold dodge caravan. the license plate number, 1698d p. the other is a "c" rv -- a crv. the woman thinks they left the keys dangling from her honda. both are worth $25,000 in modifications and if you have any information you are asked to call police. >>> a ceremony was raised after falling on tough times. they currently served by the mission to honor men and women of all branches of the military. the flag serves as a beacon of hope and help for those to see from miles around. >> we take a special pride in helping the most vulnerable in our community but there is a sense of humility to give back to veterans that have dedicated so much for us. >> reporter: they shelter almost 50 veterans at the bridge to life center. the center is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. >>> we have more veterans day coverage on our website, ju
sandburg are on the list for possible treasury secretaries. he pointed to the science technology and sandburg served as chief of staff. if selected she would become the first female treasury secretary. >>> a man learned the hard way everyone counts. robert mcdonald finished in a dead heat for a seat on the walton city council. they each had 669 votes. he says he might have won if his wife katie e had voted. she didn't make it to the polls because she was sleeping. >>> coming up on the 5 hour, the roads are still wet out there. let's check traffic with sal. >>> traffic it moving along pretty well. we're starting in san francisco this time. northbound 101 looks good. no major problems getting to the lower deck of the bay bridge and coming in from the best of my knowledge -- from the bridge is looks good. and getting over to the high- rise and continuing over to highway 101. this morning if you're driving in san jose, we've been looking at the santa clara valley and it's wet from overnight rain but no major problems reported. 4:54. >>> good morning to you. the rain has tapered off f
thing that technology could provide students and how the bay area can play a big role. >>> 11,000 refugees in the past 24 hours. where the syrians are going and is there any end in sight. >>> it's the end of the road for an x factor hopeful right here in the bay area. >> the act with the lowest number of votes and who is going home tonight is -- jason brock. >> yeah, jason brock of san francisco's inner richmond district eliminated last night on the x factor after getting the lowest number of votes. jason's last performance was bonnie tyler's total eclipse of the heart. he's live from los angeles with us this morning to talk more about the competition and what's next. you are still the man, you still feel like the man? >> hey dave! yes, i do! and hello, san francisco! i love you all! i miss you! i'm coming home tonight! i feel great. i was sad last night because i didn't get selected. i was in the bottom two and i got the lowest number of votes because the judges couldn't decide whether to send me home or not. i got sent home. i made it to the top 12 or 13 depending upon how y
and information technology has transformed how companies must now compete. old jobs and ways of doing business are obsolete. when you're fighting competitors across the globe for market share a company and its employees, have to be agile, nimble and work harder than ever. best-selling author jason jennings has been heralded by usa today as 1 of the 3 most in-demand business speakers in the world. he has new book, "the reinventors: how extraordinary companies pursue radical continuous change." adapt, grow, change - or perish? is it that stark? > > is that stark. if you take a look at the list of the original fortune 100 companies - you may find it surprising - only 2 are left. these are the companies who had the capital, they had the people, they had all the resources, and they couldn't survive. absolutely could not. and it's happening at increasingly warp speed. take a look at blackberry, research in motion - two years ago were at $77 billion. today their market capitalization is $5 billion. what happened? they are fast becoming irrelevant. look at circuit city. irrelevant. a few years ago, on
with high school students interested in science, technology -- >> the found he offers high-tech >>> tonight, kind of cool, some clouds, overnight lows, upper 30s, that's chilly, tomorrow, late afternoon, it's mostly cloudy and sprinkles will develop in the evening hours. as we head into friday, rain returns. that's when the bulk of the he system wants to move through. it's not a huge system. it will not wash your gutters away or anything like that, but it will be wet and have an impact on the friday morning and afternoon commute. nice today, temperatures in the low 70s. here comes system number one, showers likely. it gets here late thursday night into friday morning. morning commute kind of damp. afternoon commute kind of damp. half inch in the hilly locations. those will be the areas that will see the most rain because of the type of low level moist air it is. the next system coming from the north won't have as much rain, a little more wind, rain developing overnight saturday here's how the computer models will be, you will get the basic id, thursday at 3:00, santa cruz mountains. low lat
a heart attac >>> time to destroy some brand-new technology. the blend tech guys want to know will it blend. this episode an ipad, kindle fire, three mini laptop devices going against each other. i have to warn each other, it's a little hard to watch. first thing they do is smash them and fold them in half and get them into the picture. techies across the world are cringing right now. i feel a tear welling up. >> i think i'm going to press the blend button. >> count of three they hit the start button at the same time. ipad on the right, kindle in the middle, nexus on the left. >> hard to tell who is ahead here. >> the nexus is staying together, i think. >> look at that. wits of bite. >> i think the real winner is the blend tech blender. >> as somebody who grew up as the annoying younger brother to older sisters, i have to love a prank where a brother is pranking the sister. >> like most on the internet my sister is familiar with slenderman. when i heard she was going to a scary movie, i decided to wait at her apartment until she got back and did this. >> he's sort of this scar
know how frustrating that is. you would think by now with all of our modern technology there would be an easy way to get it back. there should be an app for that. >> there is. it's called the wallet tracker. it slips right inside your wallet. they demonstrate how it works. this guy loses his wallet. he just simply leaves it on the amp for his guitar. >> let's be honest, your wallet could be anywhere right now, but not to worry, the app has a map and we'll show you where it is. >> the whole video is set to the song "tarzan boy." you carry the bluetooth tracker around in your wallet. it comes with a nice wallet, by the way. it can also be slipped into a purse or a wallet of your own choice. you could put it on anything. you lose your favorite jacket all the time. call up the app and it shows you where you last had contact with your app. basically that's where it is. >> wallet tracker. put it on your christmas list. >>> if it's your turn to host thanksgiving dinner this year and you're freaking out, have no fear, my friends, i've got some simple rules to follow, thanks to sam from "th
as the information comes in. >>> in other news, two bay area high technology representatives are reportedly being considered for replacements for the press secretary in the president's cabinet. eric smith and facebook chief operating officer cheryl sandberg are both on the list of possibles for the new treasury secretary. president obama appointed schmidt to his counsel of advisors on technology, and sandberg served as chief of staff of the treasury department and she would become the first female treasury, if elected. >>> the controversial health program coming to the bay area. >>> it's called e medal of honor. it's a video game made by a redwood city company and it's caused lots of controversy. we'll tell you about the navy seals who helped create it. >>> we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ ma
but much fewer than the day before. >>> two bay area high technology experts are being considered by president obama as replacements for treasure secretary timothy geigner. eric smith and facebook chief operating officer cheryl sandburg are on the list of possibilities for treasury secretaries. president obama appointed schmidt to his council of advisors on science and technology sandberg previously serve z add chief of staff at the treasury department. sandberg would become the first female treasury secretary if e elected. >>> in other news, chris stevens, the late u.s. ambassador to libya was honored with a post hue mouse award last night in washington dc hillary clinton served words last night. >> chris stevens was an inspiration to all who knew him during his life. >> earned the common ground award for peace building. his sister ann was there accepting the award on his behalf. chris stevens grew up right here in the bay area was killed along with three other americans in a terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi on september 11th. >>> happening right now, people are
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to ban nonessential use of cellphones and at airports, the board wants to see ground face technology as well as better training for aircraft maintenance workers. >> we still have 35,000 fatalities anually, hundreds of thousands of injuries and we can and must do better. >> >> reporter: it's now up to congress and federal regulators to decide whether or not to actually require changes. >> california coastal commission unanimously rejected a plan. they wanted to trace network faults off the coast west of -- pg & e wanted it use air guns s create a three dimensional map, but that could create sound waves that could hurt the hearing of ocean life. >>> a firefighter suffered a minor injury to his arm after battling a house fire. crews from several agencies responded to the fire this morning. cher wood forest. it took firefighters 20 minutes to put the flames out, fortunately, the residents got out okay. >> >> california began to sell permits for green house gas emissions. it is aimed as dramatically reducing pollution that is believed to cause climate change. the board plans to release th
're on their way to an more than. the technology also lets the fire chief track resources and assess each incident. the donation comes from insurance brokers and the fireman's fund insurance company. >>> a bay area woman kidnapped, tied up in her own car and robbed. where the thieves dumped her. >>> it's designing shopping at a discount. some of the problems people faced getting here. >>> you'll neat your jacket and umbrella in the morning. i'll pinpoint how much rain you will get. >>> the newest mall in the bay area opened today, and so many people showed up, there's been major traffic all day. why is this mall so popular, jana katsuyama has the story. >> reporter: one thing that makes it different from other malls is it focuses on high end names. many said they got big bargains but the problem was getting here. at the paragon new outlet people waited in line searching for deals. >> people were out here in line waiting before we opened up. >> these retailers here are literally 25 to 65% off full retail every day and that is also in addition to any sale or specials that we're running. >> reporter
. the victims ranged in age from 14 to 42. investigators say they used updated dna technology to find a general match between the victims and the suspect's brother. they were able to zero in on sanders. >>> in the south bay ground was broken on a major project to fix a freeway interchange that has been a huge headache for years. the $62 million project will include recon figuring the on and off ramps between interstate 280 and interstate 880 and building a new direct ramp from northbound 880 on to 280. it will also widen the stevens creek boulevard bridge. officials ask people to be patient during the construction. >> i know that it will be a burden for neighbors and even for motorists during the construction time. but we know it's going to be worth it. >> it is estimated that the project will be finished sop time in 2015. >> a federal judge in brooklyn, new york has reportedly given preliminary approval to a deal between credit card companies and retailers. the issue is alleged fee fixing. it would settle a lawsuit. they claim credit card companies conspired to fix the fees they charge stores.
for ignition technology. chevron says it will improve filtering equipment. company executives say their repairs meet industry standards. some are calling for the best technology available. >>> who do you think has the longest commute in california? california watch is reporting that designation goes to contra costa county. people who live in contra costa county spend an average of 32.8 minutes in their cars every day. in contra costa county, 17% of the people travel an hour or more to get to work. compared to humboldt, the average commute is about 17 minutes. around the state, fewer than one in 10 california residents commute for more than an hour. >>> speaking of commuting, let's check in with sal. many people have the day off for veterans day so i'm thinking it will be lieser -- lighter than unusual. let's take a look at some of -- at some of these commutes. you will be able to tell immediately at the toll plaza where it is light. you don't have to worry about getting into the city. there's certainly people out there. same thing with san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks good. no proble
technology. they revealed this to the bay area air quality management district. cleveland -- chevron will replace some of them. >>> the founder of the antivirus mcafee is wanted for murder they are looking for john mcafee in connection with the fatal shooting of his neighbor in belize. he was killed saturday night. there are reports that after the sale of his company for $ 100 million, mcafee moved to belize, where his life turned to guns, drugs, prostitution and violence. >>> united parcel service is no longer making donations to the boy scouts due to its antigay policies. the move follows an online petition protesting the gaunts which attracted 80,000 signatures. they gave $150,000 to the boy scouts in 2010. >>> investigators are still looking into the cause of a deadly indianapolis gas explosion while the homeowner is wondering if a faulty furnace is to blame. two people died in this blast which sparked a fire and shook homes up to three miles away. the owner said his daughter told him last week about a problem with the furnace. she lived at the house with her mother. neither were
to the batteries, a smart grid technology that's going to make sure that we don't overwhelming our existing electrical system. that's all happening right here. >> reporter: the tesla starts at $57,000 but for many people browsing at the santana store, the main concern is how far the electric car can travel. >> it's a big change though to having a dedicated range, you can't go beyond. >> reporter: well that is another improvement the tesla s has a range of 200 miles. one big draw back, the waiting list is already nine months and now will probably get longer. live in fremont, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the details of just how ambitious california's $68 billion high rail plans are is now beginning to sink in. today experts said the portion linking los angeles will be a quote engineering feat. that part of the line must cross the ranges. federal regulators have already approved the first range. >>> microsoft and motorola went to court over a patent dispute. they will determine how much of a royalty microsoft should pay google. google bought motorola last year partly for its library
this morning, we're getting reports of twitter accounts getting hacked. the technology website reports that twitter e-mailed some of the users telling them to reset their password and create a new one. a british comedians -- a british comedian was one of the first to alert others. he tweeted previous posts had disappeared. the e-mail read >>> with last-minute prep -- last-minute preparations are happening right now in livermore at the new paragon mall. the grand opening, just two hours away. ktvu's claudine wong is there to show us more about this outlet mall which is expected to give a big economic boost. >> reporter: good morning. they are expecting a lot of people, a lot of heavy traffic. we've seen a lot of more -- a lot of people here. we've actually seen customers who have been here for three hours. waiting for doors to open, going, where am i gonna start? we're here by prada. pretty unique to have a prada store at an outlet mall. no, i don't know how much anything is because the store does not open for two hours. the grand opening is set to get open in two hours. first outlet in
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